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 Commander Quintus Veraenis

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PostSubject: Commander Quintus Veraenis   Sun Nov 22, 2015 11:22 pm

Commander Quintus Veraenis

Age: 47 (looks 23)
Gender: Male
Race: Elf Human hybrid
Appearance: Long white/blonde hair, purple eyes with a small scar running over the left eye, long pointed ears, he's tall 6 foot 4, slim and strong, sharp facial features with a strong jaw line and prominent cheekbones. He wears a long red coat with black lapels and gold trim, two rows of gold buttons running down at eather side. He has a brown leather pauldron covering his right shoulder with leather armour running down his right arm. He carried a perfectly forged rapier with a golden swept hilt and a red steel blade. He wears black trousers and brown knee length boots. He also has a dueling cape over his left shoulder and arm, it is red with gold trim, and has a shield with the sigil of his ship in the centre of it.
Personality: Calm, intelligent, loyal to a fault, just and fair. Slow to anger but his rage is second to none. Has a slightly unhealthy love for his airship, will not stand by and watch innocents be hurt, hates nearly every empire/nation, does not consider those who work for empires or nations as innocents, will kill to get what he wants, he knows magic but is only interested in pyromancy.


Likes: He likes fire as a rule, and his taste in women matches this as he is often seen courting only the most untamable women he can find (often blondes or redheads, also often thin but not to thin). He has a close brotherly bond with his second in command Marius, they trust each other with there lives. He will talk to anybody as he has learned that people arent always what they look like. He had a brief affair with and elven princess, it ended when he accidently declared war on her father by ignoring some courtesy or other, she still loves him but he can't really remember her name, Elsiera.....Elseani.....something like that.
Dislikes: People who seek to take away freedom from others, Dwarves (those damn bearded *grumbles*). In a woman he generally dislikes the obese, but some mountains you have to climb once. It really just depends how much he drinks as Elves aren't known for holding there drink.
Preference: Girls, but there was the incident with the archbishop and the apple crumble, (lets not go there).


Bio: Grew up in a small Elven village but was never truly happy as he wanted to see the world,on his 20th birthday a dwarven goldsmith came to his village and offered anyone in the village a high price for any gold they had, after many villagers had given up there gold for money they discovered it was dwarven money, and so it wasn't usable in elven lands. Quintus took it upon himself to deal with the problem, he challenged the dwarf to a game of Rooktook.....Quintus lost. The next day it seemed that the dwarf had very accidently cut his own head off whilst trimming his beard, the same day Quintus left town with lots of golden items. From there he made his way to a large town in the west of Uduriel, he came across a rich merchant and sold all of the gold for a huge amount of money as Elven gold is very highly prized. He then headed off along the road where he met an adventurer with a sword made of red volcanic steel, Quintus offered the adventurer nearly half of his gold for the sword, but the adventurer would not agree. The adventurer was later found, and it appeared that he has tragically tripped and fell onto a spear several times. With his new sword, Quintus went to Valtigra as he had heard it was the perfect place for a man like him to set up his life, he went to a blacksmith and had his sword reforged from an arming sword into a rapier, with a swept golden hilt. Quintus spent several months in the city and over that time learned the magic of pyromancy. He had been staying in expensive rooms at a local in and had discovered he was out of gold, Quintus then happened upon an inventor named Leonidus daVictus, who had recently invented a new airship design, it was faster than a normal airship and could hold more guns, Quintus asked Leonidus if he could have the airship if he promised to give Leonidus plenty of gold in the future, Leonidus laughed and Quintus left. The next morning it was discovered that Leonidus had very unfortunately slipped and drowned in a small puddle outside the inn, he also had severe stab wounds and burn marks, but it was decided that they were just circumstantial. On the plus side Quintus had recently acquired a beautiful new airship, which he named 'The Rosethorn'. Over the next months he gathered a crew and plundered dozens of merchant ships, making a fortune, he then bought a house in the city and named it Rosethorn Hall.
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PostSubject: Re: Commander Quintus Veraenis   Sun Nov 22, 2015 11:37 pm

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Commander Quintus Veraenis
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