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 Quintus' home

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PostSubject: Quintus' home   Sun Nov 22, 2015 11:45 pm

Quintus's Home
Rosethorn Hall
Occupants: 2, Quintus and Poogles (his pet fire wolf).
Security: 3 regular guards in different places in house (labeled below). All doors and windows are securely sealed and checked each hour by a guard. All of the locks are state of the art. Its not an easy place to brake into.
Traffic: Quintus goes in most days, poker night every wednesday (8 close crew members).
Location: Valtigra (rich district)

Appearance Large wooden mansion with stone foundation, impressive entrance hall with 2 large wings, and a back wing, Large windows facing all directions.

Outside - Stone and metal fences, with a heavy iron gate. (1 guard)
Living room - Grand, with a decorative chandelier, 3 red leather sities, red and gold wallpaper, a large fireplace, a large central low table, 2 red leather arm chairs, a desk with 1 chair either side, all business is done in this room. (1 guard)
Kitchen- 3 stone ovens that are constantly heated in order to heat the house. A table for the servants, with bedrolls for them, a large store room to the right.
Dining room - Lavish room, chandelier, huge dark wooden dining table very decoratively carved, 20 chairs on the sides of the table, one large decorated chair at the head of the table, tables off to the sides for food to be kept on, 3 drinks cabinets scattered around the room.
Bathroom- a solid gold bucket in the middle of a small room, scented candles everywhere, the sound of water flowing is all around.
Bedroom 1 - Large king sized bed with red and gold sheets, Grand piano, a 2 metre by 2 metre red cushion for Poogles, a desk with a comfortable chair by the window, bookcases lining on of the walls, a scale model of his airship on the desk, giant portrait of Quintus hanging over the bed looking majestic. (1 guard outside the bedroom).
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PostSubject: Re: Quintus' home   Sun Nov 22, 2015 11:51 pm

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Quintus' home
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