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 Doctor Frans'Chester

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PostSubject: Doctor Frans'Chester   Sat Nov 14, 2015 1:27 am


Age: Looks to be about mid 30s
Gender: Male
Race: Undead-Lich
Appearance: He is a tall lanky man, built with clearly not much muscle on his frame, he wears a white shirt unkempt and dirty looking, the buttons are undone three down from the collar, wearing an untied dark green tie around his collar.He wears a white lab coat over his shirt it ending around his knees, the right sleeve is torn up to his elbow while the left is covered in burn marks up to the upper arm, the bottom of the coat itself is covered in tear marks, the bottom of the coat missing allot of the original material, a final note would be a hole in the back of the lab coat similar to where a wing would be on a vampire. He wears black trousers again like his shirt unkempt and dirty. His shoes are combat boots with a military esque feel to them, again black in colour, his trousers covering his laces. His skin is a dead white pale colour, his right hand remains in his lab coat pocket making it impossible to see, the rest of the skin visible through the tears is either cut or slightly revealing bone. His left arm is completely normal. He has long messy grey hair that ends down the centre of his back, some of his hair covering his face, completely covering his right eye. He seems to suffer from complete Heterochromia, his right eye green with a black sclera, however this is covered by his hair, his other eye colour is a dark orange with a white sclera, however when angered both eyes will be green with black scleras. His face has a midaged looked to it, but it makes him look slightly lake a snake in its features, adding to the fact that when he smiles it looks like the skin covering his jaw will fall off.
Personality:Has a very grim sense of humour, always talking about death and how it would be interesting if someone were to die, carries a cold aura around his being making him hard to approach, although he seems to always be carrying a smile, however; this makes him look more scary than friendly, also seems to have quite a handle on his temper, although when that point has been broken, he will not back down


Likes: Death,Crows,Metal and a side order and helping of Pizza
Dislikes: Idiotic people and Heroes
Preference: None        


Bio: The man Frans'Chester is an undead lich that comes from a faraway land in search of the ultimate prize of immortality, his childhood and life was boring, and uninteresting, to average to talk about, when he reached the age of 33 he delved into necromancy and from there he worked day and night to perfect his craft, eventually becoming a lich, after that his history goes dark, he remains in the shadows, all that was known about him is now gone forever, now in a new land, his plans to do much here, starting his unlife here in Vengcroft.
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PostSubject: Re: Doctor Frans'Chester   Sat Nov 14, 2015 1:39 am

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Doctor Frans'Chester
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