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 Tobias Cordellion

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Cia Black Sorceress

Cia Black Sorceress

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PostSubject: Tobias Cordellion   Wed Nov 25, 2015 9:55 pm

Name: Tobias Cordellion

Age: 18-20 Years of age
Gender: Male
Race: Demon (looks human aside from his eyes.)
Appearance: Tobias is a male, fairly tall, and slightly muscular, he is around 6 ft 4 in (193.04 cm), and roughly 18-20 years of age. He is first seen wearing a torn and tattered cloak coming off of the train at the train station in Valtigra. He has Whitish-silver hair and weighs about 112 lbs (50 kg). After settling down he will usually wear a long sleeved blue shirt and a pair of jeans, or a black unbuttoned button up shirt, witha white t-shirt under neath, and black short pants. He will almost always be wearing tennis shoes, and has 2 different colored eyes, one gold and one blue. he will have slightly sharp nails, and sounds like an 18-20 year old male.
Personality: Tobias is, contrary to his race, a fairly lighthearted person. he is out going and eccentric and very kind. He will not hesitate to defend an innocent person, or being, and will put others before him.


Likes: Kind people, Cats, and a species of demons from his land called Shini, Shini are basically demon puppies that never age, and are fairly kind, and adorable. He will usually have his pet Shini, that he named Saber (a play on Cerberus) with him outside of work or while looking for his job.
Dislikes: Hateful beings, and crime. Also dislikes liver, and calamari.
Preference: He does not have any preference so long as they are kind and caring. He will however, be seen dating mostly females.        


Bio: Tobias is a fairly young demon. He was actually next in line to be the successor of his fater, Albatraze. He did not want to become the king however. He thought of himself unworthy of being his father's successor because he wasn't like him. His father was a kind king, however he also ruled with an iron fist. Tobias didnt think of himself worthy because he was TOO kind in his opinion. He has a sister named Kamiry, she has since taken his place next in line because of his disappearance. He decided to start a new life in Valtigra. He heard of Uduriel from travelers to his land and decided to check it out. He has since made it to Valtigra and decided to start looking for a job. He currently lives in a hotel not to far from the main shopping district, and can be seen outside allot with his Shini, Saber, looking for jobs to start making money. He has a budget that he has to follow before he has to leave the hotel though, however it should last him long enough to get a job.
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PostSubject: Re: Tobias Cordellion   Wed Nov 25, 2015 11:05 pm

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Tobias Cordellion
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