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 Rules and Penalties

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Lillith Silverton
Lillith Silverton

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PostSubject: Rules and Penalties   Wed Nov 11, 2015 4:23 pm

Please follow the rules:

1. you must have at least one character (character, and a house, linked on complete as well) approved before role playing (other than in the out of character area and chat box). If you do post then all your posts will be deleted until you are approved

2. If your doing mature things either go to privet messages or put 16+ (if you wish to swear a lot) or 18+ (for sexual interactions and over reviling ) in the title so other know not to walk into it. If you don't or over use it (e.g. do it every topic you make) the topic will be deleted.

3. Do not disrespect or harass others. This site is for fun, not war, only time you are allowed to is if it's in character. If not in character while doing this you may get banned for a week, a mouth, a year or forever depending on severity.

4. keep swearing to a minimum. If you do and your post isn't in atleast a 16+ topic it will be deleted

5. Only advertise in the advertising area and they must be approved by administrators, things that are unsubstantial are:
. Sexual sites
. Downloads that may be harmful (stuff like links to safe games and mod packs for things like Sims, Minecraft extra are allowed)
. offensive or racist content

Any one posting outside of this area will be banned for at least a mouth, to get it approved send a message to a administrator/moderator. They will post it on your behalf if it's appropriate as the advertising area can only be posted in by Moderators.

Thank you for reading this.
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Rules and Penalties
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